Monday, August 3, 2009

Stats Blitz Bonus!

I found a few other interesting statistics following the August 1 program at Independence Motor Speedway. For those of you who just haven't quite gotten enough, here you go...

* Darin Duffy has won four of the last six Modified features. The last time a Modified driver won four features in six weeks was July 8-August 12, 2000 when Duffy won four features in five weeks. He also won four of six from July 17-August 21, 1999. The last driver other than Duffy to do it was Keith Pittman. He won four of five from May 31-June 28, 1997. The last Mod driver to win three features in a row was Troy Cordes to close out the 2006 season from August 12-26.

* Brian Irvine has won four of the last five Stock Car features. The last time that was accomplished in the Stock Cars was when Irvine won four straight over the course of the 2008 and 2009 seasons. He closed 2008 with two wins and opened 2009 with two wins. The last time a driver won four out of five in the same season was in 2007 when Irvine won four straight from July 7-July 28. The last Stock Car driver other than Irvine to win four of five was Justin Temeyer from July 14-August 11, 2001. Coincidentally, that was Temeyer's first year in the division.

* The average starting position for the Late Model feature winners in 7.8. Modifieds 7.5, Stock Cars 6.1, SportMods, 5.6, Hobby Stocks 6.6.

* On August 1, Chris Luloff (SportMod) became the first driver this season to win a feature starting deeper than the sixth row. He started outside row seven.

* All three of Terry Neal's feature wins (Late Model) have come from outside row six starting positions. He has led a total of six laps in those three wins.

* August 1 feature winners led only 28 of the 95 laps of feature racing. Both Terry Neal (Late Models) and Brian Irvine (Stock Cars) led only the final lap of their respective features.

* The last three Stock Car drivers who lost the points lead fell to at least fifth place the week they lost the lead. Shane Manson went from first to fifth on July 11, Brian Irvine went from first to seventh on July 18 and Phil Holtz dropped from first to fifth on August 1. No driver has led the Stock Car points for more than three consecutive weeks. Have I mentioned how close the Stock Car points are this season?

* Seven of the top eight in the current Stock Car standings have held or shared the points lead for at least one week this season. The only driver in the top eight not to lead the points? Justin Temeyer. And he's now held the lead in eight of the 10 Stock Car features. Temeyer has led 84 of 200 total Stock Car feature laps this year. His 84 laps out front leads all drivers at the speedway this season. Fellow Stock Car competitor Brian Irvine has the second most with 62 laps led.

* Since season championship night of the 2006 season, there have been 17 different Late Model feature winners in just 35 events. Those winners have included: Darren Ackerman, Jeff Aikey, Levi Benn, Tyler Bruening, Darin Burco, Rick Dralle, Luke Goedert, Bryan Klein, Chad Lerch, Curt Martin, Terry Neal, Tysus Pattee, Luke Pestka, Dale Stolte, Rob Toland and Scott Welsh.

* There have been five straight different winners in the SportMod division: Kurt Hogan, Joel Rust, Lucas Lundry, Danny Dvorak and Chris Luloff. Since the SportMods/B Mods were introduced at the track in 2004, the division has seen this happen twice. Most recently (SportMod), it happened in a five race span from July 26-August 23, 2008: Joe Docekal, Danny Dvorak, Kyle Bentley, Josh Sherbon and Jim Buhlman. Prior to that, there were five straight different winners in the B Mod division from June 26-July 31, 2004: Johnathan Thimmesch, Jon Wilhelmi, Kurt Roose, Craig Cordes and Dan Feltus. Yes, I realize SportMods and B Mods are not the same, but I put them together here for statistical purposes.

* There have been three different winners in the Hobby Stocks over the last three weeks: Josh Irvine, August Bach, Justin Lichty. Since the start of the 2000 season, there have been three different winners in a row in the division 18 different times. During those 18 streaks, 14 times a fourth driver continued the string of different winners. (I'd say the odds are in favor of another different winner this weekend.) Of those 14 times, 10 times a fifth driver continued the streak of different winners. Of those 10 times, four times a sixth driver continued the streak of different winners. One time there has been a streak of seven straight different Hobby Stock winners. During that streak an eighth driver extended the streak to eight in a row.

* More to follow at the end of the season... unless something catches my eye before then. Have a great week!

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